Thursday, November 12, 2009

I lied about posting pictures

Yep. Entries are still text only because A) i suck and B) my camera is dead.

Anywhaez, I didn't really do a full face today.

My skin is FINALLY clearning up (after about 2 months of under-the-skin breakout) and I'm trying not to put a lot of products on and curtail the healing process.

Today was just my MSF natural in medium, style blush, blacktrack fluidline, and MUFE smoky lash.

Also, I got the costco brush set (because i am a recessionista indeed) and I am sooper dooper impressed! Very soft, good assortment of brushes, and the eyelash curler it came with didn't dissappoint!

It was rainy today so I did the whole blow-dry-my-hair-with-a-shit-ton-of-product-in-it-and-see-how-it-goes kind of look. I ended the day with a sort of Quinn Fabray hairstyle, slightly wavy and in a cute headband. It wasn't too bad. Hooray for Redken's smoothing serum!

I think thats all for today. Tomorrow is friday. Maybe a FOTD?

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